Introduction :  

    The aim of this study was to examine worldwide chronic venous disease (CVD) burden and evaluate effectiveness, adherence and satisfaction with conservative treatment. 

    Materials and methods :  

    The VEIN Act Program (VAP) was an international, prospective, observational study that enrolled adult outpatients with lower-limb pain consulting for any CVD-related clinical presentation. Patients’ CVD symptoms, Clinical Etiological Anatomic Pathophysiologic (CEAP) classification, and symptom intensity were recorded. After prescribing conservative treatments, patients returned for a follow-up visit. 

    Result :  

    A total of 567 physicians enrolled 7987 patients, 7397 of whom were included in the analysis. Patients were mainly female (79.3%), mean age was 54.0 ± 15.1 years and mean body mass index was 26.8 ± 4.8 kg/m2. CEAP clinical classifications were C0s (3.6%), C1 (19.4%), C2 (21.8%), C3 (32.0%) and C4–C6 (23.2%). Symptoms were reported by 89.6% of patients and were present across all CEAP classes. Mean intensity (10 cm visual analog scale) was > 5 cm for all symptoms. Only 30.7% of patients had previously consulted for leg problems, and 24.3% had previously received treatment. Conservative treatment alone was prescribed to 78.3% of patients, and in association with operative treatment in 21.6% of patients, and consisted mostly of venoactive drugs (VADs) [99.6%, mostly micronized purified flavonoid fraction] and compression therapy (63.4%) in combination with lifestyle changes such as weight loss. Adherence to prescribed duration was 65.2% for VADs, but only 29.1% wore compression therapy as prescribed. Symptom relief was high with VADs and compression therapy (> 96%), and the majority of patients were satisfied (94.1%). 

    Conclusion : 

    Conservative treatments were beneficial across the spectrum of CVD, highlighting the importance of identifying patients early in the disease course. 

    Keywords: VEIN Act Program, chronic venous disease, pain, treatment, effectiveness, adherence. 

    Published in Drugs & Therapy Perspectives, 35: 396–404 on May 25, 2019. 


    For full text : SpringerLink : Management and evaluation of treatment adherence and effectiveness in chronic venous disorders: results of the international study VEIN Act Program | SpringerLink