apps - March 10, 2019

Atlas of proctology

Atlas of proctology is an application which accompanies the practitioner through the diagnosis of most anal pathologies of the adult.

website - September 7, 2018

An international scientific journal entirely devoted to venous and lymphatic diseases

website - September 6, 2018

A practical atlas on the functional anatomy of the superficial veins in the lower limbs. Anatomy charts to downloads

website - September 5, 2018


ChronIc Venous Insufficiency Quality of Life Questionnaire

apps - September 4, 2018


A tool containing videos that will take you on a journey to the heart of chronic venous disease

apps - September 3, 2018

Pill pro

A tool to help patients take their medication on time

website - August 23, 2018

Servier Medical Art

A free database of medical images

apps - January 11, 2018

Biblioclick in Venous disease

A simple way to perform complex Pubmed® queries in a single click.