Vein academy

Servier is dedicated to research, education, as well as improving the patients care in the field of venous diseases.

Servier continuously encourage the scientific and medical initiatives aiming at increasing the knowledge or disseminating educational materials worldwide such as Phlebolymphology, Phlebologia, SYM Vein Consensus, or more recently with the Vein Glossary book.

Servier Vein Academy website is developed align with this philosophy. It provides one source of accessibility to evidence-based medical education in Phlebology and Proctology for all health care professionals by gathering scientific news, videos on hot topics, library with books, slide-sets on anatomy, epidemiological, pathophysiological data, treatments, surgical techniques, etc to facilitate the educational development and knowledge sharing.

The website is endorsed by an editorial chief and an editorial board composed of well-known international experts who provide their advices on the content of the website.