C. Wittens, A.H. Davies, N. Bækgaard, R. Broholm, A. Cavezzi, S. Chastanet, M. de Wolf, C. Eggen, A. Giannoukas, M. Gohel, S. Kakkos, J. Lawson,T. Noppeney, S. Onida, P. Pittaluga, S. Thomis, I. Toonder, M. Vuylsteke, ESVS Guidelines Committee

The aim of this document is to assist physicians in selecting the best management strategy for patients with CVD. By summarizing and evaluating all available evidence in the field, recommendations for the evaluation and treatment of patients with CVD have been formulated.

For full text: Eur J Vascular Endovascular Surgery; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejvs.2015.02.007