Aim: This study assessed the characteristics of individuals with chronic venous disease (CVD) and their treatment pathways.

    Materials & methods: A web-based survey enrolled representative populations of
    adults from Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia and Spain, and identified those self-reporting CVD.

    Results: A total of 22% of respondents had signs/symptoms of CVD. Individuals with CVD were generally older, female and obese, and had more comorbidities than the general population.
    Common initial symptoms were tiredness, heaviness, pain, swelling in legs and night cramps. Participants waited ∼1 year before seeking treatment but most did not initially consult a physician; those who did tended to have more severe disease.

    Conclusion: One in five adults had CVD, but most did not seek a physician’s help.

    First draft submitted: 28 July 2020; Accepted for publication: 15 September 2020; Published online:
    20 October 2020