Abstract :

    Background: This international study assessed the characteristics and treatment of individuals with hemorrhoids.

    Materials & methods: Online survey among nationally representative populations of adults from Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia and Spain, that identified participants who self-reported having hemorrhoidal disease.

    Results: Hemorrhoid prevalence was 11% (1725/16015); most respondents had low-severity disease (71%). Compared with the general population, participants with hemorrhoidal disease had more comorbidities (mean 3.1 vs 1.3) and included more women who had been pregnant (81 vs 68%). Common initial signs/symptoms were pain (60%), bleeding (47%) and discomfort (43%). Hemorrhoid respondents who consulted a physician were more likely to undergo interventions and take medications.

    Conclusion: The prevalence of hemorrhoidal disease in the adult population is 11%, mostly low-severity disease.

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