Books Publications - April 14, 2023

Practical Manual of Venous Diseases (Spanish version)

We dedicate this manual to our patients who every day teach us what to do and what not to do in venous pathology.

Books - April 24, 2019

Varicose veins management

When recurrences become an issue

Books - April 24, 2019

The vein glossary (updated 2020 version)

The reference book containing 1000 terms on venous pathology and some complementary illustrations. It was developed with the contribution of 30 international experts from 15 countries. Each term is defined in English and translated in 6 languages.

Books - April 24, 2019

Varicose vein ablation 1

Navigating the treatment options

Books - April 24, 2019

Varicose vein ablation 2

Navigating the treatment options 2

Books - April 24, 2019

From venous pain to surgery

How to describe venous pain?