Following the publication of Expert Consensus Review by Godeberge P (France), Sheikh P (India), Lohsiriwat V (Thailand), Jalife A (Mexico), Shelygin Y (Russia) on Efficacy of MPFF in the treatment of hemorrhoidal diseases” in Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research,

    now the Expert Video by Godeberge P (France), Sheikh P (India), is available Online as in the link https://bit.ly/3ko10NJ


    In this 7 minutes video, Dr Godeberge and Dr Sheikh present the collective opinion of the Expert board based on the available clinical evidence, current national guidelines and their clinical experience in treating HD patients as follows;


    • MPFF is appropriate and effective for all grades of HD. 
    • In acute HD, MPFF can reduce HD symptoms such as bleeding, pain, anal discomfort, anal discharge and pruritus. In patients undergoing surgery, postoperative adjunct MPFF consistently reduces pain, bleeding duration and use of analgesics.
    • MPFF reduces the duration of hospital stay following surgery, facilitating a return to normal activity and improving quality of life.
    • Studies also show that MPFF may prevent HD recurrence.