Interested in learning more about hemorrhoids? You can download a presentation by Pr Varut Lohsiriwat treating of:

Applied anatomy of hemorrhoids

Pathophysiology of hemorrhoids

Symptoms & clinical evaluation

You will find different illustrations about:

  • Blood Supply to Anorectal Region
  • Anal Cushions & Hemorrhoids
  • Types of hemorrhoids
  • Histology of Hemorrhoids

You will also learn about the different causes of hemorrhoids formation:

  • Sliding anal cushions/ Loss of fixation: Presenting symptom: Prolapse
  • Rectal redundancy/ Internal rectal prolapse: Presenting symptom: Circumferential prolapse
  • Vascular abnormalities: Presenting symptom: Bleeding

A few slides are dedicated to Hemorrhoids Pathophysiology & Risk Factors and finally, the last part is about the Symptoms and Clinical evaluation of hemorrhoids.